Mongolia Diaries: A Guide for Tourists

Mongolia Diaries: A Guide for Tourists

January 16, 2019 Off By Rosina Bond

Mongolia is a huge country, which is mainly the steppe and desert. Cities are located at a great distance from each other, and therefore, going on a journey by car, it is better to stock up on gasoline and food. Log in to to book your ticket for Mongolia for a beautiful and serene holiday!

Mongolia’s national currency is Tugrik, money can be exchanged for the Russian ruble or the US dollar at exchange offices or bank branches. Some small shops do not accept payment by bank transfer, and therefore it is always necessary to carry cash.

What to Do in Mongolia—Outdoor Activities

Mongolia is a country of endless steppes and deserts, among which occasionally there are small towns, lakes and rivers. In Mongolia, hunting for wild animals is allowed, but before you go hunting, you must buy an expensive license. Otherwise, the actions of tourists will be equal to poaching. The Mongols are a nomadic people, and they live in the steppes in sufficient isolation. You should be familiar with the peculiarities of their culture and especially traditions.

Mongolian cuisine may seem quite specific to tourists, it is based on goat meat and lamb. Milk drinks and meals are often prepared from sour mare’s milk. The Mongols are very hospitable, and it is indecent to refuse food in the Mongolian yurt, especially milk tea and koumiss, which the Mongols endow with special meaning.

The Perfect Time

It is best to visit Mongolia in the period from May to October; in winter, the air temperature in some areas can drop to 40 degrees below zero.

In the dark you should not leave the hotel and walk around the capital and major cities alone. Unfortunately, in the country there is a tendency of an increase in criminal activity, often there are robberies of tourists.

Some restaurants offer dishes made from groundhog meat. Marmot is a carrier of many diseases, including bubonic plague, it is better to refuse this exotic dish.

Active travelers – national parks, landscapes and nature of Mongolia

In the western part of Mongolia, bordering Russia and China, is located the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park. On its territory you can see lakes, rivers, etc.

Alcoholic beverages in restaurants are subject to an additional 13% tax, the cost of the tax is also added to the cost of the bill if you order local vodka.

In Buddhist temples and monasteries, as well as in most museums, the use of cameras is prohibited. In order to take several pictures, you will have to purchase an additional permit.

The Ubsunur Basin

On the border of Russia and Mongolia there is the Ubsunur basin – the largest closed water basin in Central Asia. From north to south, the length of the basin is 160 km, and from west to east, 600 km, respectively. Today, the amazing pool Ubsu-Nur is part of the reserve of the same name, the main distinguishing feature of which is the most complex mixture of different ecosystems. The reserve area is more than a million hectares, on its territory one can see impassable taiga, and lifeless deserts, majestic glaciers and forest steppes, and one of the main features of the reserve are sand dunes.